Vitafusion™ Fiber Well™ Gummies and Litesse™

Fiber--found in foods like grains, fruits, and vegetables--is one of the most effective ways to support good digestion. Unfortunately, studies have shown that most Americans fail to get the daily recommended 21 to 38 grams of fiber through their diet alone. Fiber supplements like Vitafusion™ Fiber Well™ Gummies are a delicious and effective way to ensure you get the necessary intake of fiber every day.

Unlike other fiber supplements which can cause unpleasant and uncomfortable side effects like rapid gas production and lactic acid accumulation, Vitafusion™ Fiber Well™ Gummies are made with Litesse™ polydextrose--a polymer of dextrose created by Dr. Hans Rennhard of Pfizer, Inc., and trusted as a nutritional aide by food manufacturers for over 25 years. Litesse™ polydextrose is not affected by human and digestive enzymes, allowing it to pass intact through the upper digestive tract to the colon where it stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria and reduces colonic pH, resulting in better digestion and--subsequently--overall better health.

Furthermore, Litesse can also be highly effective as a tool for weight management. As compared to fiber supplements made with inulin, Litesse is sugar free, lower in calories, and higher in fiber. Human clinical studies have indicated that the effects of Litesse can actually result in caloric reductions between 5-25% . Incorporating Vitafusion™ Fiber Well™ Gummies with Litesse™ polydextrose into your diet may help moderate fluctuations in blood sugar and discourage overeating by making you feel fuller longer.

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The facility that manufatures these products also produces products that contain soy.
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