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Our Story and Mission
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vitafusion has partnered with Why Hunger since 2020 to help provide access to nutritious food in communities across the United States

Thanks to vitafusion’s contribution, Why Hunger will continue to:

Provide healthy food access to those who need it

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Make critical improvements to the Why Hunger Hotline

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Respond to urgent needs during the Covid-19 Pandemic

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vitafusion is as obsessed with fruit trees as bees are with honey! Our fruity fascination takes on many forms. We appreciate the satisfying snap of an apple breaking free from a branch. We live for caressing knotty bark through our gardening gloves. We tell anyone who will listen that TWO fruit trees provide enough oxygen for one person to breathe their ENTIRE lifetime! To spread the love, we’ve partnered with the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation to plant fruit trees, bushes, and shrubs, in international and US-based communities. Because more people deserve to experience how unbe-leaf-able fruit trees are! For us, for the environment and for communities…we dig fruit trees and the joyful impact they have now and for generations to come.

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Did you know that the 200,000 fruit trees we’ve planted will...

Provide more than
33 Million
pounds of oxygen

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28 Million
pieces of fresh fruit

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40 Million
pounds of CO2 from the air

no two fruit trees are alike

When you dig fruit trees as much as we do, they start to take on their own unique personalities. Here are a few of the fun varieties we’re planting in orchards throughout the US.

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The Silicon Valley Apple Tree
Blake is an apple tree who is currently developing an app…for apples. In less than a year, he’s already raked in enough seed money to launch a beta version!
The Fit Plum Tree
Dominic is a totally swoll plum tree that’s always doing reps with bulky tire swings. He doesn’t need his fruit picked - he’s strong enough to shake it off by himself, brah.
The EDM Cherry Tree
Cassie is a cherry tree who listens to a lot of hypnotic (bird) house music. Let her DJ your next house party! Guests will lose their fruit!
The Comedian Lemon Tree
A farmer, a fruit tree and scarecrow walk into a bar. To hear the punchline, adopt Sonia. She’s a quick-witted lemon tree who will keep you laughing from sunup till sundown.
The Hippie Pear Tree
Give pears-err-peace a chance. Such is the motto of Marley, a far out lemon tree who is as good at clearing the air as he is your chakras.
The Southern Belle Peach Tree
Ya’ll, Louise is sweeter than a fruit fly stuck in a molasses jar. Use her peaches to make a mean cobbler. Just make sure you use the proper fork when eating it.
The Socialite Orange Tree
Crystal the orange tree knows how to work her branch angles. She’ll boost the beautiful fruit quota at your bodega launch.
The Political Pomegranate Tree
Ashanti the pomegranate tree has petitioned for sustainably-sourced mulch and regular prunings for trees in her orchard. Look for her on the next fruity council election ballot!
The Artsy Lime Tree
Niko has sold still life paintings of his own limes for thousands of dollars. Currently, he’s going through a performance art phase where he screams, “I AM YOU! YOU ARE ME!” whenever fruit is picked off his branches.
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Get the dirt on the latest fruit tree happenings by following #WeDigFruitTrees on Instagram!

To learn more about how you can donate and volunteer today, please visit ftpf.org

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where we are planting

In the US & Internationally

In Miami, the Fruit Tree Project got down to digging at Urban Green Works, a nonprofit that enables underserved South Florida communities to blossom via their environmental projects and food security programs. The star fruit, allspice and guava trees planted will be the juice that fuels a-peel-ing local initiatives like "fruit to fork" culinary classes and horticulture therapy.
We were berry excited to plant fruit trees at Hope Farms in Houston. Hope Farms have been growing fruitful urban farms and local produce distribution systems in the area for years, ensuring that delicious, affordable, fresh food choices are accessible to all residents. Currently, some areas in Houston have a limited supply of fresh produce stores. For this reason, the persimmon, fig, citrus, pear, apple, peach, plum, nectarine and avocado trees we planted will truly be ripe for the picking.
Growing Healthy Futures
El Salvador's community is in bloom! vitafusion and the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation planted 4,466 varieties of fruit trees, setting down roots for a healthier, more environmentally-friendly future. These trees will combat deforestation in the region and be an ongoing source of tasty nutrition for years to come. In order to make our efforts doubly delicious, we also sponsored educational classes led by certified arborists, teaching locals how to care for the trees to ensure a maximum harvest.
Establishing Roots Out West
Thirty fruit trees and berry shrubs planted, thousands more to go. At Tilth Alliance, we're teaching all ages how to grow nutritious food on a small and large scale. Awareness about our Fruit Tree Project mission is spreading–more fruit trees on the way!
Spreading Seeds of Support
We partnered with The Food Group to bring delicious, nutrient-rich fruit access to more than 21 counties in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Together, we planted a wide variety of fruit trees and shrubs including apple, pear, plum, cherry, blueberry, currant and jostaberry. That means more food, more oxygen and improved nutrition. Way to grow!
Creating ‘living classrooms’
Imagine learning under the shade of a thriving orchard. At Harlem Grown’s urban farm, we’re helping kids in surrounding public schools by educating them on healthy lifestyles, gardening skills and so much more.
Bringing the country to the city
In our books, more green is always a good thing! That’s why we’re adding orchards to busy urban areas to create more beautiful environments.
Helping local economies grow
Money can grow on trees when we teach communities near Tri Cycle Farms how to turn their fruit into income for much needed projects.
A food source that keeps giving
vitafusion™ Fruit Tree Project has traveled all the way to Africa to help primary schools provide a continual food source for the wider community.