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Trusted and Certified Goodness
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Vitafusion Organic Gummy vitamins are certified USDA Organic by Quality Assurance International. This ensures that the ingredients in our products have met strict production and labeling requirements set forth by the National Organic Program.
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As the pioneer and established market leader for GMO avoidance, the Non-GMO Project provides third-party verification to non-genetically modified products. Vitafusion Organic Gummy vitamins meet all non-GMO best practices.
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vitafusion Organic Multi’s are certified vegetarian by the America Vegetarian Association, which is working to certify and promote vegetarian or vegan products to consumers.
What’s Never in Our Organic Gummies
no bad stuff
digestion and absorption

BIG news! vitafusion is the ONLY gummy vitamin brand with Clinically Proven Absorption!†

What does that mean for you? Now you can trust that the essential nutrients in our vitamins are being successfully absorbed by your body, seamlessly supplying your system with the nourishing fuel it needs to be and feel your very best! Simply put, we provide you what you need, when you need it.

Discover the secret to a wholesome vitamin experience with Clinically Proven Absorption† to ensure you are getting the nutrition you need with confidence!

† Vitamins C & D3 in products that contain those nutrients

A Fusion of Nutritious & Delicious
fruit fusion

What does the word fusion mean to you? For us, it's everything! Nutritious and delicious fusion is who we are and what we do, just as our name vitafusion would suggest!

vitafusion stands for a better way to vitamin, with a fusion of natural fruit flavors, delicious taste and the essential nutrients your body needs. The results is an unbeatable combination of nutritious and delicious, America's #1 gummy vitamin brand!

So say goodbye forever to bland pills! vitafusion gets you the daily nutrition you need in an delicious yummy gummy.

America's #1 Gummy Vitamin Brand
number one gummy vitamin brand

Pioneer in Gummy Vitamins

For over a decade, we've revolutionized the dietary supplement industry as America's #1 adult gummy vitamin brand. You might say we ignited the gummy revolution!

In 2008, we introduced a full range of delicious gummy vitamins and supplements that have provided consumers with an enjoyable and convenient alternative to traditional vitamin pills and tablets.

As a leader in the field of taste and nutritional technology, we cover the full spectrum of dietary supplements for adults with our wholesome portfolio of gummy vitamin products. Try us and see why we're America's #1 gummy vitamin brand!

Five ways to enjoy vitafusion™ Organic
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  • MEN'S
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  • VITAMIN B-12
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  • D3
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Our Fruitful Mission

Growing Communities with Fruitful Planning

Our Fruitful Mission

Our vitafusion team believes in holistic wellness and realizes that it's more than just taking good vitamins. That's why we teamed up with the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation with the goal to plan 200,000 fruit trees by 2020 in underserved communities.

Together, we are committed to producing nutrient-rich fresh fruit, sustainable lifestyles and happy, healthy communities now and for generations to come.

At vitafusion, we're dedicated to healthy, happy lifestyles. We've partnered with the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation to make a positive impact on the environment we all share now, and for generations to come, and to spread the seeds for growth in communities.